From daily morning and evening activities, like walking the dog, hiking at dawn or reading in bed, to building your emergency preparation kit, HeadlightzTM headwear was designed to provide hands-free lighting that makes everyday tasks easier.

The second product in the growing line from Roq Innovation, HeadlightzTM is sold exclusively on HSN, Head-lightz.com and, soon, at Olympia Sports. Designed for ultimate function, our machine washable product has a removable, rechargeable light, built with three settings, that offers up to 8 hours of power per charge, to illuminate any activity you can dream up.



ABOUT Raquel Graham
Innovation Maven | Founder & CEO of Roq Innovation | Media Personality

I believe every experience is an opportunity to deepen your wisdom. As a serial entrepreneur and innovation maven, product design and development are in my DNA. I have been a closet tinkerer all my life and am impassioned by every step of the product creation process, from the tactile origin of each idea to the rigorous testing of designs and prototypes. For me, it’s about creating quality, clever, cost-effective solutions that assist with life’s essential tasks.

Roq Innovation was was born out of my desire to make the everyday easier. As the CEO, I draw on my diverse professional background, from my time in analytics at J.P. Morgan to marketing at Ebony Media. Over the last decade, I have grown Roq into a brand whose products have been featured on The O List and Forbes, and sold through some of the nation’s largest channels, from HSN to The View.

Frequently seen on HSN, 2019 marks my fourth season as a featured product creator. As a prominent media personality, I have appeared with my products on ABC, Windy City Live, Splash, FOX Chicago, The Jam and was a featured nominee on Martha Stewart’s “American Made.”